What are the different types of floodlight?

We offer a wide range of floodights, suitable for a variety of different uses. To work out which one would be best for you here’s a brief description of the different types available:


LED Floodlights

Modern LED lighting is a popular alternative to more traditional lighting, such as halogen or Metal Halide. Not only is LED lighting energy efficient, it also generally has a much longer life expectancy than other lighting technologies, reducing maintenance costs considerably.


An additional benefit of LED floodlights is that they offer an instant-on light source, making them suitable for use with PIR motion sensors or in areas where regular switching is required.


For more information please visit our LED Floodlights page.


Metal Halide Floodlights

Metal Halide floodlights are a popular choice for a wide range of lighting applications, especially in commercial or industrial settings where bright light and good colour rendering are required.


Available in range of wattages from 70 Watts to 1,000 Watts, these fittings are energy efficient, producing approximately 80 lumens per Watt, and generally have a long lamp-life in excess of 10,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs.


Please note that rapid switching of Metal Halide lamps will severely shorten the lamp life, so these fittings are not suitable for use with PIR motion sensors or in areas where they may be regularly turned on and off over short periods of time.


For more information please visit our Metal Halide Floodlights page.


Sodium Floodlights

Sodium lamps produce a softer orange-yellow light suitable for use in areas where light pollution is a concern. These lights are commonly used in commercial and industrial areas, particularly in external areas such as car parks and street lighting.


As with Metal Halide, Sodium lamps are energy efficient and have a long life-expectancy, and also like Metal Halide they are not suitable for use with PIR motion sensors.


For more information please visit our Sodium Floodlights page.


Induction Floodlights

Induction lighting offers a very energy efficient light source, often producing as much as twice the perceived light output of Metal Halide or Sodium fittings of the same Wattage. Added to this is an exceptional lamp life of as much as 100,000 hours in most cases.


For more information please visit our Induction Floodlights page.


Energy Saving Floodlights

Low energy floodlights generally utilize PL lamps to offer an energy efficient alternative to more traditional halogen floodlights. The range also includes a number of lower wattage LED floodlights suitable for domestic and garden lighting.


For more information please visit our Energy Saving Floodlights page.


Portable Floodlights

Our range of portable floodlights offers a versatile lighting solution for a variety of situations, including site lighting and temporary sporting events.


Utilizing modern LED lighting technology, these fully contained lighting systems provide light in situations where permanent wired lighting is not possible or where portability is important.


For more information please visit our Portable Floodlights page.


110 Volt Floodlights

Primarily used in industrial- and building site applications, these floodlights operate at a safe 110 volts and are ideal for providing light in potentially dangerous work areas where temporary lighting is required.


These floodlights include a mix of low energy compact fluorescent, LED and Metal Halide lighting technologies, and are available in a range of Wattages to suit most site requirements.


For more information please visit our 110V Floodlights page.


Halogen Floodlights

Halogen floodlights are the traditional choice for home security floodlighting, providing a warm white light with an instant start capability. While not as energy efficient as other lighting technologies available, these floodlights are often the cheapest option available, though due to low lamp life they will require more maintenance than the other floodlights listed above.


For more information please visit our Halogen Floodlights page.

In addition to the ranges listed above, we also carry a wide range of Security Floodlights, consisting of a mix of Halogen and LED fittings. We are also able to supply a selection of Floodlight Wire Cages for added security, along with a range of fixed- and hinged Lighting Columns and Brackets.